There’s not many of us who could possibly afford the recording time at the studios used by the likes of DJ Premier and Pete Rock. But I’ve found my very own virtual recording studio online at the merest fraction of that cost. I’ve spent a lot of time in my “studio” already and I’m practically sure that it offers almost as much as the pro premises themselves!

The Sonic Producer Studio

One of the great things I like about this online studio is that I’ve got my very own “key” to the front door. With just a single, one-off payment, I get a user name and password that lets me in to the special “members’ area”, where I can use all of the facilities. I can make as many visits as I like, stay as long as I like, and – because I’ve gained access through my own “key”, then it’s into my very own area of the studio.

Through the keyhole

What I found inside my sound studio was a veritable Aladdin’s Cave of goodies:

First and foremost – but especially for beginners in the acoustic arts – is a step-by-step guide to making the most of the facilities;

Sonic Producer delivers

For this user, Sonic Producer delivered just what I needed – my own space on line, but with all the help I could ask for whenever I needed it, and at a fraction of the cost of similar software that I’ve seen advertised. It provides a perfectly equipped online space in which to learn and to make music from the very first visit.


Making music comes from the roots – the grassroots. It’s born of those who have the beat, the rhythm, the music in their blood. It’s not at home in the high-price, sophisticated recording studio of established artists. It’s in my home. Your home.

Off the street – my home trial

I can tell you that much because I’ve made the trial for this Sonic Producer review. It’s a software program that took my music of the street, off the street and into my home. It’s clever. It’s easy to use. It gave me the beat. And it’s cheap.

I’d got the rhythms in my head. On the street, I heard it. But I still wanted to know how to make beats that worked with my music. With Sonic Producer, I found a way to make beats online.

I went into the software and it’s like a beat-making factory. Laying down the beat got easy. I was spoilt for choice. There was:

* Rap;
* Hip-hop;
* Reggae;
* East Coast beats;
* West Coast beats;
* Dirty South beats; and
* I could go on, but there are thousands in the program.

And not just the beat, but the sounds, too. Instruments and anything that lays down the beat: slaps, kicks, clicks, percussion, guitars, keyboards – you name it.

The man behind it

I heard the man behind the idea of Sonic Producer is someone called J Lewis. I don’t know if he’s off the streets I grew up on, but it seems to me he’s going to be a legend before too long. Such a neat idea – going online for beat-making software. I just logged on with my user name and password – and there it was. Simple. Effective. Results.

Sure, I had to be online to get to the program. But who isn’t online these days. And when I’d got those beats down pat, I just recorded away and downloaded the MP3 files right into my hard drive – of the street, off the street and right into my home.

Your home, too

Take it from me, if you like messing around with the beats, you won’t find an easier or cheaper way of experimenting than with this music production tool. It will bring beat-making right into your home too. Hook up your computer to the internet – just like you’re reading this – and buy into the access to this amazing piece of software. It works on any computer and any operating system.

How I rate it

In my line of creativity, the beat is everything. I experiment. I look for new ideas. I look for new rhythms and new sounds. I look for new ways of making my music. I found it online. You ask me, I’ll tell you – Sonic Producer deserves a 10/10 for this amazing piece of software.

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